Privacy Policy

We delete the group (public) messages approximately every 60-200 minutes. These messages are NOT retained, logged or kept by NEVERALONECLUB.ORG unless they are "reported."

When reported, those messages are scored by outside third party AI. One of your human mods (eventually) checks it to make sure we agree with the decision that was made by our automoderator.

At this time the automoderator is only empowered to delete an “inappropriate” message and make it vanish from everybody’s screen in real time.

The automoderator is not “empowered” to ban or silence you without human review and intervention.

Please use the automated report function. Do NOT gossip/complain to staff about others simply because you do not get along with them. You can visit their profile, IGNORE them and no longer engage them.


"Guest Login" accounts go offline and disappear all on their own. There is no need to sign off or cancel or delete your guest account. We run a job every day that purges guest accounts and any IP/session/login data associated with them.

Please consider chatting anonymously with a Guest Login if you need to vent about your job or spouse or anything else that could be compromising , jeopardize your livelihood or relationships with others if it were tied to you.

At some point after you leave, an anonymous, unregistered account will appear in the chat history as “null” and then vanish into the buffer. We decline to explain our reasoning for this.

We have "opted out" of submitting our data to third parties for AI training effective March 1, 2023.


Cloudflare attempts to load a .js library to determine whether you’re a “bot” or a real user. Blocking trackers should not affect functionality of our website — we do not serve ads or share data, period — but it may ask you to complete a CAPTCHA or similar challenge. The last time anyone looked, it had blocked 859 of them in a single day.

You may see this every few hours if you’re on Tor or some other privacy-centric browsers. We are very sorry for the inconvenience if you’re a real person encountering a “challenge” from our CDN provider.

Cookies are the thing that allow an anonymous guest to disconnect and reconnect repeatedly and pick up where they left off in chat. We delete unused guest accounts throughout the day so you can register or reclaim your guest nickname - this negates the entire point of even offering you an extended session cookie valid for 30 days when your anonymous account will be purged a few hours after you’re done with it. We acknowledge this as a design flaw. Please give us some time to resolve this. We are officially our own fork of this product at this point. A couple of our last few customizations made things stop working and we’ve done enough damage to the codebase for now.

Any other trackers or players are for embedded media, such as when someone shares a link to YouTube or Vimeo (etc). We usually use their libraries to embed and play media. In rare cases we embed our own player directly from and play back hyperlinked media in the chat window.


Our official position is that even if most social media companies were not absolutely *cancer* , you could be putting yourself at risk by sharing links to your social media profiles. We strongly discourage this.

If you take things off the site we cannot “protect” you with features like friending/unfriending/blocking or by taking actions such as range/CIDR banning them or their VPN provider etc if you keep your personal information to yourself until you at least get to know someone well enough to know that they mean well.

Make sure we’re all here to get better, before you start giving out this kind of information.

Every single one of these “recovery” sites — whether they take a public position on it or not, we’ve met several of the other owners and founders of them at conventions — are plagued by many of the same problems whether they publicly acknowledge it or not — someone needs to — which can be summed up as 1) some of us are just here to get better— and if that’s you, welcome. 2) We ALL get sex pests ,serial cyber sexers , financial predators, serial harassers/cyberstalkers. And they “need to go.”


Nia (aka Pickles) is the only staff member who can see who reported what / whom.  You are assured that if you report a message from anyone —including our staff, volunteers, and moderators or anyone purporting to be on our staff— the “report” is the only “proof” you need.

This behavior will be dealt with confidentially and promptly. When we say “we are going to get rid of these people”, this includes the immediate termination of staff of this very website if they are attempting to engage our visitors in financial or sexual activity.

We have a zero tolerance policy for this from staff and volunteers.

Keep your private and social media/contact information away from strangers — do not accept theirs when they post it — do not “assume positive intent” , so that you can avoid being victimized by this type of behavior.