Formerly "NACHATROOM.ORG", est 2006

At Never Alone Club, we are a secular group that strives to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals seeking recovery from drugs and alcohol. 

It is important to note that we are not affiliated with nor do we support the public outreach efforts of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. 

We are not a hotline or meeting referral service for those groups. 

Our focus is on fostering a community of support and sharing information on alternative recovery resources. 

When it comes to recovery, spirituality can be a helpful tool for many people. 

However, it's important to acknowledge that spirituality can also be a double-edged sword, particularly when it becomes intertwined with organized religion or certain recovery programs.

One of the primary pitfalls of intermingling spirituality and recovery is that it can trigger negative memories or past traumas associated with religious institutions. Many of our visitors may have had negative experiences with organized religion in the past, and forcing them to engage with a spiritual component of recovery can create additional barriers to their healing process.

Additionally, some recovery programs that claim to be based in spirituality may be led by untrained or unlicensed individuals who subscribe to harmful or oppressive beliefs.

This can lead to a retraumatization of individuals seeking recovery, particularly those from marginalized communities who may face additional barriers to accessing resources.

Therefore, it's important to approach spirituality in recovery with caution and to prioritize creating inclusive, welcoming spaces for all individuals seeking healing. This can involve offering a variety of resources and practices to support individuals in their own unique paths towards recovery, and avoiding any dogmatic approaches that may trigger past traumas or perpetuate harm. Ultimately, the goal of recovery should be to empower individuals on their journey towards a fulfilling and meaningful life, rather than imposing restrictive beliefs or practices that may do more harm than good. 

A few suggestions include finding alternative forms of recovery, like SMART Recovery or Refuge Recovery, which focus on self-empowerment and do not rely on a higher power.

Talking with a trusted friend, therapist, or support group leader can also provide a space to discuss and process any thoughts or feelings associated with deprogramming.

Additionally, reading books or attending workshops related to the topic may help you better understand the concept and offer additional resources. Lastly, remember that recovery is a process and it is okay to take your time.

TALK to us about it, dont get high over it!

We're not "damaging" those organizations by distancing ourselves from them.

We are taking ownership and responsibility for our own chatroom, in a way that these organizations , themselves , refuse to respond to or hold themselves accountable for.

Abusive behavior in any so-called spiritual program can be harmful to a persons relationship with recovery, spirituality and organized religion.

It can cause someone to question the safety of spiritual programs, and lead them to become distrustful of any religious or spiritual authority.

It is important to remember that spiritual abuse can come in many forms, from subtle manipulation to outright coercion.

Examples include: pressuring someone to accept a certain belief system; making someone feel guilty for not following certain rules or regulations; using fear, shame, or guilt to control someone; and using spiritual beliefs as an excuse for bad behavior.


This chatroom is a place for people in recovery from drugs and alcohol to connect and share their stories. We encourage people of all backgrounds to come here and participate - we believe that everyones story is valuable and can provide valuable insight into the recovery process.

We also provide free online support groups, as well as resources to help people in recovery find support. We have moderators and/or an AI chat robot available 24/7 to ensure the chatroom is a safe and respectful environment. Feel free to ask questions or share your story - you are not alone.

The chat robot isn't all-inclusive or equipped for every situation. And neither are we.