Hiiiiiiiii Susie, does your husband know?

"Shitty women will always weasel or scream their way in and ruin everything men have built." --Benjamin Franklin

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Though I should warn you NA'ers are fucking crazy, violent, sick and predatory pieces of shit and I wouldn't if I were you. NA World Services only cares about selling literature. They're corrupt as fuck. Look into Smart Recovery, individual counseling, or an IOP in your community that is not "twelve step based."

If your therapist/counselor is a 12-step shill, or are "in recovery" themselves and are completely unable to offer any comprehensive or meaningful care other than saying "you need meetings" and "go to AA" , fire them immediately. Flame those fucking charlatans and quacks and leave them one star reviews on Yelp and HealthGrades. Half of the problem with these cult members is that they get sober and decide to go to school so they can "save others" (meaning: become "evangelical AA'ers" and recruit them into this dangerous, ineffective cult with a 5% "success rate). If your counselor thinks all you need is the "12 steps" or your rehab charges your insurance $3,000 a day to have twenty different assholes stand at a podium babbling and droning on for hours and hours about how "AA works" all day every day GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE.

Now I would name this other website-- but here's a disturbing fact about NA: It is overun with sociopaths and bullies who would read this page, laugh, and go join those assholes to pile on the "fun." They're remorseless , gutless, shitheads who use drugs, lie about it, and shit all over you and nitpick you for all of your supposed shortcomings. They LIVE FOR using newcomers as punching bags, mocking them, threatening them, and banning them. It's why we wouldn't give the fuckers moderator roles over here on our site. So they said fuck them, we'll make our own site and destroy theirs. If you're in an online meeting, and it's being chaired by a "bot," it's probably them. The people involved try changing their nicknames. But if they are typing commands that start with "!" or "." , it's them. Get out of that room FAST. It is owned by Stan, Susie, and Janis.

If you make it all the way through this page and get to where Janis says "I am a sorcerer and your life is now cursed," ask yourself, how the fuck can this evil woman -- who boasts about ruining peoples lives -- pat herself on the back and pretend she's here to "help" you and that only her site "offers recovery" ? These lying gaslighters will pretend their site is owned by people other than those mentioned below, so they can deny responsibility for any of this and distance themselves from what happened here but down at the bottom is their IRS EIN letter for NACHAT NETWORK showing Janis Marano is in fact the "owner."

Since Bytor says "we hide nothing" .... 8)

This time this page stays up. History will not be kind to you.

Let's talk about this whack ass cult.

I can not possibly be any clearer about this: Stan Schumacker aka "UnderDawg" stole my source code and copied my website word for word. He gave the bot source code to a hacker (Bill Clawson) to review for exploits and for some time one of these fuckers put a hit out on our website and DDOS'ed and attacked us into oblivion. I had to file a dmca complaint because his first website copied entire pages of ours word for word.

Stan stole our bot and copied it. He didn't want to be a part of, or of service to our group. He was simply a jealous power crazed prick who wanted to own it for himself. Ditto for Susie Keczan -- a married woman who just can't help herself hitting on newcomers and group members , and was disgruntled that we stopped letting her privately message people -- she stabbed us in the back because moderator/admin access wasn't enough to satisfy her lust for "power" and "authority" over a pathetic IRC chatroom. We had every right to restrict her from seeking "affirmation and male attention."

After making a knock off copy of our site, Stan has proceeded to spend the last several years threatening to beat, incarcerate, cancel, and/or sue me out of existence. His "Hope" bot is a knock off copy of the source code he stole from us. Hey Rob, thanks for the bot and thanks for the ideas, now "go die of aids you fag."

Janis Marano - "I'm a sorcerer and your life is now cursed" has been emailing me and telling me I deserve to die for over ten years and I don't even know this bitch.

3:30 PM <misterpickles> well if you *still* dont understand why im pissed off that you told me i "deserve to die for all the dirty i do to the world" on christmas when i was a newcomer, or why im pissed off that you guys have said you want to beat me or close my website down, then explaining why im not real friendly for the 500th time wont help either
3:30 PM <Janis> we are here to help the addicts not to fight
3:30 PM <misterpickles>none of thats changed, nobodys apologized, thats a crappy truce. "just forget about it rob."
3:30 PM <Janis> robert why do we have to go down the same road that happened 8 years ago
3:30 PM <Janis> i apologized to you numerous amonts of times
3:30 PM <Janis> i was high on pills
3:30 PM <misterpickles> not once not never have you apologized.
3:30 PM <misterpickles> but hey

It wasn't "8 years ago" it was TEN. Janis was high on pills and took it into her head, that I was a "hacker named kat" who "hacked her ipad" and therefore deserved to die. She has never stopped harassing me ever since then, for my "sin" of being a "hacker named kat" who "hacked her ipad on christmas." Then the bitch wonders WHY i dont like her. WHY I wouldnt "make her a moderator" -- so her and Stan stole/copied my shit and harassed me out of existence. WELL FUCK YOU ROB, IF WE CANT BE MODERATORS, WE'LL JUST COPY YOUR SITE AND GET YOURS SHUT DOWN. You have smeared me as a "rapist" and a criminal and a "hacker," you have published my addreses, threatened to send goons to my house, you have threatened to beat me and sue me and have me put in prison. You have bragged about having my mother's address. Admit it you fucking pieces of fucking garbage, that is what this is about. You don't get to say "OH BUT THAT WAS YEARS AGO" when you motherfuckers NEVER FUCKING STOPPED FUCKING HARASSING ME. TEN FUCKING YEARS. TEN YEARS. GET WRECKED, WITCH. YOU DESERVE PUBLIC HUMILIATION.

And you know what? After enduring all of that, they win. They fucking win. They stole my software, they stole my code, they stole my ideas, they successfully bullied me out of existence. But I am NOT GOING AWAY QUIETLY.

So to recap, Janis was high on pills -- while STAN was screaming about how im "an active addict" (listen to the first recording below) screeching about how only they offer "true recovery," and taking out a group -- affecting thousands of people.

The funniest part about Susie -- who goes by "ChatChick" now , it's easier to pretend to be someone else instead of looking at yourself in the mirror i guess -- is even THEIR ops/admins say she's a backstabber and a power crazed nympho and a sneak, lol. See below.

Nice "recovery," VPC.

<Shiloh> If it was real life we could beat their ass
<Shiloh> and would
<Shiloh> He's a scrawny diseased little pervert with a short time to live
<Shiloh> Come on Stan...the LAST thing he wants to be is a "Man"
<Shiloh> Unless they can cure aids and other stds his days are numbered anyway. If the drugs don't kill him the disease will
<Shiloh> He's so fragile now he can hardly type
<Shiloh> He's crap his pants if hhe met either of us on the street
<Shiloh> he can hardly walk
<Shiloh> They say even the other perverts think he's unsafe
<Shiloh> He's scared to stay in one place very long for fear of real people
<Shiloh> I think ..." among his fellow perverts" he's shunned
<Shiloh> they want to live
<Shiloh> for a while
<Stan> og geezus
<Stan> this is screwed up
<Stan> this fucker never quits
<Stan> he is a pussy doesnt even have the balls to call me even when I said to block his phone number..
<Stan> wait
<Stan> dont kick
+++ Stan has given op to UnderDawg
<Stan> Robert have the fucking balls to call me to peace of slime
<Stan> you are slime
<Stan> fucking pussy
<Stan> recovery my ass you fuck peave of shit
<Stan> come on give me what ever you have
<Stan> I am not like the others and scared of you
<Shiloh> Come on Stan...the LAST thing he wants to be is a "Man"
<Stan> peace of shit
<Stan> fuck you
<Stan> smart??
<Stan> your a dumbass
<Stan> hey havent you noticed I havent really been trying anything on your site? Yeah keep this up and you will find yourself in a court. Remember I have all your info now. I will send everything to your mothers house..
<Stan> and also your so called biz name.. Kiss that goodbye

ooooooooo threatening my mommy. 1) she moved this year and 2) she's a cunt and I dont talk to her.

"sorry" im not dying of aids or drugs quickly enough for you Stan.

Here are some voicemails Stan Schumacker aka "UnderDawg" left in his never ending quest to close our website down for purely anticompetitive reasons. It was so "generous" of Stan to "let Robert do his thing" as if he owned this place or has any right to dictate who can own or operate a private business or a website but hey that's 12-step control freaks for you:

"When that fucking peckerhead opened his-" What, you mean, in 2006? Almost 15 years before yours? 8)


Janis will never be happy unless she has some group of people on the internet to scold and shame and shit all over whatever they're happy about.

For example, *shuffles deck* their wedding plans:

*whispers* nobody asked you, Janis.

[16:00] <~Bytor> [15:59] <Janis> i dont know if you knew this, but i am a sorcerer. and your life has now been cursed
[16:00] <~Bytor> [15:59] <Janis> yes you can copy and paste this
[16:00] <~Bytor> [15:59] <Bytor> Are you on drugs?
[16:00] <~Bytor> [15:59] <Bytor> seriously?
[16:00] <~Bytor> [15:59] <Janis> yes seriously
[16:00] <~Bytor> [16:00] <Janis> i have been doing it for years
[16:00] <~Bytor> [16:00] <Janis> i got awards
[16:00] <~Bytor> [16:00] <Bytor> go ahead do your best
[16:00] <~Bytor> [16:00] <Bytor> that a threat Janis?
[16:00] <~Bytor> [16:00] <Janis> ok gotta go now
[16:00] <~Bytor> [16:00] <Bytor> I would hope so
[16:00] <~Bytor> [16:00] <Bytor> nearest ICU
[16:01] <~Bytor> we hide nothing
[16:01] <~Bytor> and I will paste my NASTY PM to

*munch munch munch* these people are SICK. girl, where's my popcorn?

[15:36] <~Janis> i havent said one word to susie when she came back to this room
[15:36] <~Janis> please show anything that says so
[15:36] <~Janis> i want to see
[15:36] <~Janis> and show stan too to prove
[15:36] <~Janis> susie is causing drama like usual
[15:36] <~Janis> not me
[15:37] <~Janis> show me please
[15:37] <~Janis> i want to see it
[15:37] <~Janis> show me
[15:37] <~Janis> show me the log
[15:37] <~Janis> back up what your saying
[15:37] <~Janis> your not happen whatever i do
[15:37] <~Janis> first you complain im not here enougj
[15:38] <~Janis> now im back, and its well you were in the other room so we want us to welccome you
[15:39] <~Janis> susie is still in the other room and went the same time as me
[15:39] <~Janis> why treat me differently me than her
[15:39] <~Janis> you can kiss her ass thats ok, but here in NA everyone gets treated equally
[15:40] <~Janis> i will send stan the log that you posted to me, of all name calling you sent me
[15:40] <~Janis> maybe you need to take a look at yourself bytoe
[15:40] <~Janis> bytor^
[15:41] <~Janis> before you slander others
[15:41] <~Janis> i do not sit here to have resentments towards others
[15:41] <~Janis> i have no room in my recovery for that
[15:42] <~Janis> if someone has hurt me, i just try and be careful and avoid confrontation
[15:43] <~Janis> we are all here for one reason, we are recovering addicts to help stay clean one day at a time
[15:44] <~Janis> no one is going to bully me, or send me a pm like you did with hurtful words towards me to make me leave a room of recovery
[15:45] <~Janis> what you wrote was disgusting
[15:45] <~Janis> i will pray for you and move on
[15:49] <~Bytor> Dont care Janis
[15:49] <~Bytor> this is YOU we are talking about
[15:49] <~Bytor> Not Susie
[15:49] <~Bytor> hurtful words?
[15:49] <~Bytor> please
[15:49] <~Bytor> Dont like when someone calls you out on your BS than you play victim??
[15:49] <~Bytor> Spare me
[15:50] <~Bytor> Send proof all you want
[15:50] <~Bytor> fact is you are a liar
[15:50] <~Bytor> and a back stabber
[15:50] <~Bytor> your a sneak

The obsolete concept of an "NA Chatroom" needs a stake driven through it.

Now here's the frosting on the fucking cake: After terrorizing and intimidating me and trying to have "me and my antics taken offline" the son of a bitch comes in screaming about taking me to federal court and then has the audacity to say "JUST LEAVE ME AND WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO ALONE... THANK YOU"



Publish or share my fucking residential address one more time, and I am going to open the final scroll and the "doxxers" will become the "doxxed."

Here's the biggest LOL/Fail -- even THEIR ops/admins describe Susie as "a political player who is driven by her perceived position within site" and that she needs "affirmations and male attention."

Saint Peter and Santa Claus would both gasp and ask how I found all the shit I have on you.

Want to find out who masturbates with eachother on Skype?

You don't even know what the fuck doxxing is.

As for miss Susie sniffling that she doesn't deserve to be painted with the same brush as the others -- Yes, you ESPECIALLY do -- because you know everything these people have done to terrorize me for the last TEN YEARS and your power hungry ass went off and joined them. Your need for male attention and the ability to spread gossip and drama in PM outweighs your concern for ANYONE and ANYTHING. The other ops over there -- rodeo and robin -- are just fucking STUPID. That dumb bitch Robin might know a lot about Chron's disease and that's about it.

You KNOW what they did to me, and support them anyway. You are a malignant cancer. Even Stan can't help being such an evil fucking moron. But you, you made a conscious decision, so eat shit, bitch. I wish I had just fucking died instead of living through being fucked and knifed in the back by everyone and I mean everyone, even mom.

Narcotics Anonymous is a ponzi scheme for hope and it's no wonder that of the 5% it supposedly "works" for, most will go on to relapse or commit suicide after 10 or 20 years. The whole fucking while your shit for brain shills step over all the bodies and say "Well, it works for meeeeeeeeee."

There is no fixing this. NA is rotten to its core and you are all a bunch of backstabbing, mentally fucked predators and losers.

Bytor is such a fucking bloated dick, hypocrite, and stepper nazi literally nobody else on earth will have him but you cunts.

Not one of you helped me with a god damn fucking thing, you made my life worse than it already was.

You have already taken so much from me and it's just not enough for Stan Schumacker, whose masturbatory fantasies involve me dead from drugs or aids or sitting in a prison cell. Susie, you knew about Betsy screeching that I was going to "rape" her -- you know it all -- burn in fucking hell for joining him.

Stop contacting me, you snivelling fucking blabbermouth witch. You assholes had your way with me for ten years. Fuck off and fucking die, stay the fuck out of my inbox, stay the fuck off of my social media, stay the fuck out of my texts.

TEE HEE, It's FUN to mess with Rob isn't it? NOT ANYMORE! You made your bed , now fucking LIE in it bitch.

If you just read through all this, and you're a dumb motherfucker who is like YASSSSSSS SIGN ME UP, I WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM, then fine, visit them at WWW.NACHAT.NET, you stupid sorry mother fucker.

When these fucking barnacles latch on to you and ruin your life, it'll make Fatal Attraction look like a fucking Disney movie.

It's a cult. It's a cult. It's a god damn evil fucking cult. INEFFECTIVE GARBAGE DOGMA AT BEST, A LIFETIME OF TERRORIZATION AT THE WORST

Steve Rausch from NA World Services is a spineless fucking coward, NAWS-FS and the board of trustees can suck my fucking dick, all youve ever given a shit about is your fucking literature sales. If someone's distributing a PDF of the basic text? ROOOOO ROOOOOOO YOU ASSHOLES LAWYER THE FUCK UP OVER THAT FAST, NOW DON'T YOU? You lean on the excuse that you're not "empowered" to do anything about these monsters using your trademarks and name to use people as punching bags and terrorize their "competition" out of existence, but guess what, WE NEVER EMPOWERED YOU CORRUPT COCKSUCKERS TO STEAL THE BASIC TEXT FROM THE FELLOWSHIP, PROFIT OFF OF IT, AND PERSECUTE ANYONE WHO DISTRIBUTES IT WITHOUT YOU GETTING YOUR CUT. You pathetic fucks make me sick. Fuck NA. Go literally anywhere else -- AA, CMA, Anywhere but greedy worthless asshole , narcopath, bully, PILL POPPING HYPOCRITE infested fucking NA.

Now I didn't forget about Kylon Hooks and Kristin Keglovitz Baker. While I have tens of thousands of eyes on my little bash blog here, let's just say that Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago IL is one of my former mental health providers. Their associate director Kylon Hooks is a marxist race baiting piece of trash who publicly advocates for and endorses whte genocide. When you publicly support murdering white people - including homosexuals - its time to step the fuck down from your role in an LGBT community service organization. You are no friend to the gay community, you want to murder us more than any bible thumping christian ever professed to.

This person, in his role as an associate director of my mental health provider, publicly bashed me to 3,400 people on his Facebook account making derogatory public statements about my mental health and offered my contact information to anyone who wanted it. He had his asshole friends message me and taunt me saying I "need to call NAMI" and I "need help" HELLO YOU DUMB FUCKS, I'M A CLIENT OF KYLON'S EMPLOYER. Anyway his dumb fucking cunt Deputy CEO Kristin Keglovitz Baker is apparently cool with white genocide of LGBTS -- and she needs to be fired for that too. Kylon lied and described me as a "former friend." You know what our relationship to each other was? He was some dude who dangled his dick in my face and said he'd fuck me if I had a year sober. So I guess you want to fucking murder me for my white skin but only after you fucking use me for sex you marxist degenerate fucking DIRTBAG. Fire them both immediately Howard Brown, or this webpage you are reading will look like a VALENTINES DAY CARD when I am done with you both.

Isn't just awesome that I was going through all of this, and this is what my mental health provider's fucking employees did to me too on top of it?

Bye Kristin. I am coming for your job you fucking cunt.

In short, asshole steppers terrorized and bullied me on the internet for ten years and then Kylon Hooks trashed me to his 3,400+ followers on Facebook, who then ganged up on me and reported all my posts, and have caused me to be banned from Facebook three fucking times. Fuck twelve step fucking nazis they all have sick predatory evil fucking hearts and they are all fucking bullies.

Don't tell me I haven't put the effort in , in my recovery -- or in other peoples -- my site reached 50,000 people a year -- and don't tell me I didn't try to "get help," one thing I assure you of is I won't be fucking returning to HBHC and they need to be fucking defunded if murdering LGBTs over their skin color are in fact the PUBLICLY espoused and endorsed values of their directors and deputy CEOs.

You don't beat bullies by ignoring them. You beat the shit out of them until they learn.

As Stan aka UnderDawg says ... Take care and Happy Recovery :o)