Welcome to the Never Alone Club!

This chatroom is a safe, supportive space for individuals recovering from alcohol, drugs, and/or depression to share their stories and experiences. Here you can find understanding and empathy from others who may have faced similar challenges.

About Our Chatroom

The Never Alone Club is a website and chatroom community that fosters an atmosphere of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

We provide a secular and non 12-step affiliated environment for people to find support and resources for their recovery.

Our core beliefs include that 12-step groups are spiritually abusive, have a high failure rate, and ostracize or penalize members who do not agree with their core tenets.

We we respect the autonomy of individuals to choose their own paths in recovery. We are trying to catch people who are falling in between the cracks -- and finding neither help nor hope in a "12-step" paradigm that claims these people don't exist - or that if they DO, it's always somehow "their fault" that these programs are totally unhelpful in their recovery efforts.

We are all drawn to others who can relate to us and provide us with support and guidance. This can be offered without baiting the hook with a MANIFESTLY religious (or so-called "spiritual") conversion.

We don't capitalize on your fundamental human needs by publishing and selling books or begging for "donations." We are a supportive CHATROOM.

We are a free public service and we don't want anything other than for you to get better. We will begin secular meetings in a NON 12 STEP FORMAT sometime in April 2023. Our "Daily Ned-itation" is a trial run to see what the bot may propose for recovery topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "secular" support group?
A secular support group is a group that helps individuals recover from addiction without any emphasis on a higher power or religious beliefs. These groups aim to help individuals achieve sobriety through mutual support and common ground, rather than relying on religious beliefs or 12-step programs. Examples of secular support groups include SMART Recovery , Women for Sobriety, LifeRing Secular Recovery, and the Never Alone Club. We will link to or mention others as we learn about them.
What are the ground rules?
Some good ground rules for a space like this include: being kind and respectful to others, refraining from discussing or promoting 12-step programs, avoiding discrimination or hateful language, respecting each other's privacy and not sharing personal information without consent, and following chat guidelines and instructions. Additionally, it's important to remember that everyone here is trying to recover and overcome their struggles, so let's offer support and encouragement to one another.

We do not tolerate antisocial (bullying, threatening, trolling) or predatory (seeking money or sex etc) behavior.
How can I help others here?
That's great that you want to help others! One way you can help is by simply listening to their stories and offering support and encouragement. You can also share your own experiences and offer advice based on what has worked for you. It's important to remember that everyone's journey is different and what works for one person may not work for another. Additionally, you can utilize resources and tools available on the Never Alone Club website to aid in your support of others. Above all, it's important to be non-judgmental and respectful of others' experiences and choices.
What are some good boundaries to set with members visiting us from AA/NA or another "12 step" group?
It's important to remember that our website is a secular, non-12-step affiliated space, and we respect the autonomy of individuals to choose their own paths in recovery. With that being said, it's important to set clear boundaries when discussing recovery topics with members of 12-step groups. For example, we can state that we do not endorse or support specific treatment modalities or ideologies, and we value a diversity of perspectives and experiences in recovery. We can also encourage respectful dialogue and an openness to different paths towards recovery. It's important to remember that everyone's recovery journey is unique and personal, and we should aim to create an inclusive and supportive community.
Do you have meetings or a set time when people come to chat?
We will begin secular meetings in a NON 12 STEP FORMAT sometime in April 2023.

The chatroom is available 24/7, and people can come in and chat whenever they feel like it.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask!
Does this site have any Boundaries around subs/tapering or giving "medical" advice ?
It is important to remember that the Never Alone Club is a support group and not a substitute for medical or professional advice. While we can share our experiences and opinions, it is always best to consult a medical professional regarding any medical questions or concerns.

We won't generally interrupt a discussion that is not offensive or triggering to the group. We do however have a legal and fiscal responsibility to HALT any dangerous or illegal activities or advice that is under dispute or viewed -- at our SOLE discretion -- as harmful to participants.
Why can't I private message someone?
You need to send them a "friend request" first and the other person needs to accept it. You both need to create an account with a VERIFIED email to use that feature.

Some people do not want to receive private messages at all, from anyone, for any reason and its none of our business why. YOU set your own bottom line behaviors around private messaging. Some women don't feel safe being messaged by the opposite sex. Other people don't like gossip and want to keep it in the main room.

Just edit your profile and change "Disable Private Messaging" to "Yes."
Do I have to use a real email to sign up here?
No- You can use a fake email , but your account will be stuck in an "unverified" status until a moderator checks it out and makes sure youre not evading a ban. At the moment NOBODY is banned -- you REALLY have to go out of your way to be unpleasant here.

PLEASE do not use your email address as your "username" ! If you do so, no problem we'll change [email protected] to donna1234 and email you to let you know.

You can still chat as an anonymous guest while you wait for your account to be manually changed to verified/registered. Those accounts go offline and disappear all on their own. There is no need to sign off or cancel or delete your guest account.
What if I do not want your helper bot "ned" to respond to me?
You will need a registered account so that we can tell him to ignore your user ID.

Please email [email protected] a quick message if you would like him to not ever address you directly.