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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create an account or register to chat here?
No - Just click "login" and then select the option for "guest." Enter a nickname, as you have in the past.
What happened to the NA Chatroom?
It deserved it. You know it. I know it, everybody here knows it.

Middleton Group, rule number sixty two: "Don't take yourself too damn seriously."

We're formerly known as NACHATROOM.ORG. New look, new name, all the hassles remain the same.

We no longer use NA's name or trademarks pursuant to a determination from the United States Patent and Trademark Office under file 88364599.
Do you have online meetings here?
Yes. Every day at 4pm Eastern/New York time. Our chatroom is open 24/7/365.

Never Alone Club's social hours are from 3:00pm to 6:00pm Eastern/New York time. All are welcome.

At all other times, "its just a chatroom" and it is just you and whoever else is here.

This meeting starts automatically with or without us. "It only takes two people to have a meeting." You, me, and the bot make three.
Why this is not called an "AA" or "NA" website, group or meeting?
Per their own Traditions, AA and NA have no affiliation with outside entities such as the Never Alone Club. Carrying the message of AA or NA is the stated aim of individual members / groups, service committees and world organizations who have enough money in their budget to carry their message .. and apparently a little extra money to annoy or threaten individual groups with their obnoxious lawyers.

AAs Responsibility Statement: "When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible." Read that one more time. "I" am responsible. BE responsible for something bigger than bitching and complaining.
Service Opportunities
Group members do not need our permission or a "gold star next to their name" to be of service to others. If you are here you're a part of this thing.

For those who cannot be of service without EXCLUDING others, I suppose we will just have to make do without you.

Effective November 1, 2022:

All board members and trusted servants of Never Alone Club are required to maintain abstinence from all drugs including alcohol. A minimum of one year sobriety is required.

"How will they know?" lol, if you've lied to us before we can't afford to piss test you
What is your opinion on MAT, psych meds (and other outside issues)?
The Never Alone Club has no opinion on any single other issue besides "What do you want to do about your drug or alcohol problem and how can we help?"

There is no need to disclose medications that you do not consider to be problematic or psychoactive.

THIS GROUP has no opinion on MAT psych meds or 100% unfailing abstinence from all drugs including alcohol. We realize that you may have abstinence related goals or milestones. We hope that in their own time this will be realistic for our newcomers. We're here to encourage positive recovery goals, not to make goals for them.
Why can't I send or receive messages ?
Anonymous/Guest users are not allowed to initiate private messages. Registered guests are on a "friend system" where you need to "friend" each other to exchange messages.

We're not interested in your PMs but we do have a few rules we enforce for predatory, harassing or sabotaging behaviors. You can "unfriend" another member if their messages are bothersome gossip, negative, or mildly harassing in nature. We DO want to address things like threats and persistent harassment.

For those who do not want to be private messaged by ANYONE for any reason, please create a profile with a password and edit your profile. There is an option to "disable private messages."
Nobody in chat speaks on behalf of this website:
The internet is a global image of the collective human mind. Some minds could use a little bit of washing and others have already had a little bit too much shampoo.

We're not able to watch the chatroom 24/7 and remind you that this is a chatroom anyone, anywhere can enter and say nearly anything at any time. They are not necessarily our staff or regular group members. Some of them are both.. and, "oh well."

Most problems arise when boundaries around unwanted behavior are ignored. Some people are just here to chat- not to be "fixed" or "saved." Please respect boundaries and take no for an answer once in awhile.
Why does my iPhone show square blocks for all the icons and emojis?
You are probably using Apple Ios16 or MacOS Ventura's new "lockdown mode"

Workaround 1: Turn off lockdown mode or use a different device here.

Workaround 2: To exclude a website while browsing: Tap the Page Settings button , then tap Website Settings ("Aa" in the address bar). Then turn off Lockdown Mode. This will fix any site you have this behavior on. These sites will now say "Lockdown Off" in RED TEXT instead of "Lockdown Enabled."

This is not an error in our software.
I can't read the dark mode, can I change it?
Yes, down at the left hand side of the website or chatroom , click your nickname. You can select "Light Mode" , you can also create a profile or a password to save your nickname for future use here.