03-dec-2022 : To visitors of neveraloneclub.org (formerly nachatroom.org) : We're offline for the forseeable future. To make a long story short, "the disease won" over and over and over and over and over and over and over again with the nachatroom. They tried stealing and locking me out of my own damn website. (Again). A few of you have visited or popped into the redesign I like the new software. No data was lost. But listen , as some of you know, I have had ongoing health issues since the summer... and straight up, I can't engage with some of these people without risk to my blood pressure and/or pulse. If that is a transient condition, everything will go back online when I recover. .... if I am stuck like this, I am comfortable saying that I gave it my all 100% until I could not anymore.

Legally I can't sell a not for profit in a way that enriches me. And I do NOT want to give it to THOSE people.

Rather than asking for your good thoughts and/or prayers, I offer you my own.