03-dec-2022 : To visitors of neveraloneclub.org (formerly nachatroom.org) : We're offline for the forseeable future. To make a long story short, "the disease won" over and over and over and over and over and over and over again with the nachatroom. They tried stealing and locking me out of my own damn website. (Again). A few of you have visited or popped into the redesign. I like the new software. Early testing indicates that 1) I can completely copy over JFT's security and meeting features, and 2) We have upwards of 1000+ people peeking at the so called meeting, and its enough to make one single server fall over.

No data was lost. But listen , as some of you know, I have had ongoing health issues since the summer... and straight up, I can't engage with some of these people without risk to my blood pressure and/or pulse. If that is a transient condition, everything will go back online when I recover. .... if I am stuck like this, I am comfortable saying that I gave it my all 100% until I could not anymore.

Legally I can't sell a not for profit in a way that enriches me. And I do NOT want to give it to THOSE people.

If you have the time of day for that serial embezzling alcoholic fucking fraud CC aka Susie , and anyone stupid enough to give her the time of day please continue on to WWW.NACHAT.NET "Where Recovery Goes To Die." Be sure to smash that donate button and pay them for the configuration files they stole from us. Theft of intellectual property, sabotage, infiltration, and anti-competitive, tortuous interference with the business operations of a not for profit are HARD WORK , be sure to donate to them GENEROUSLY /SARCASM in case youre a goddamned MORON.

Eventually , this site will be back as neveraloneclub.org -- and not a minute sooner than 1) my health permits , and 2) I have adequate tools in place to remove pervasive menaces to public health and sobriety who will not just fuck off and relapse already. (It's not a relapse if you never quit: Stan, Janis , Woody, "llama", and Sue.)

If they want to treat volunteers like theyre not human beings, then they deserve non-human (AI) staff. You may very well be "alone" on the neveraloneclub , but you will never have to be afraid of those people, be punished or put in a corner by those people, or forced to pay lip service to their dangerous fucking death cult under my watch. If you hate them as much as I do, visit LEAVINGAA.COM , they are not your only option and neither am I.

Any "meetings" youre going to find on this site in the future will be a PARODY of 12 step meetings with "readings" from the Orange Papers at orange-papers.info

Rather than asking for your good thoughts and/or prayers, I offer you my own.

In the meantime there are far more important issues in this world than "who gets to claw their way to the top of Rob's scratching post?" (answer: me, always and forever, I own the goddamn place, you idiots.) .. namely how Saudia Arabia owns and controls Twitter and conspires with the United States Government and military (via DARPA) to remove you from the public square and interfere in your elections. They plan to murder most of you and enslave whoever is left. Elon Musk is an even bigger scumbag than any of these people I routinely go after. I would not put this here if I did not mean BUSINESS, it is VERY important. Visit https://www.fadingstar.mx/index.php/2022/12/06/the-crimes-against-humanity-and-life-continue/ to learn more.

Ask yourself one more time why these people go at me so pervasively, viciously, and sink so low that death threats, threats of incarceration , life ruin, bodily harm , financial ruin , lawsuits etc are all on the table.

Michael Jackson was so innocent that he ended up turning white.


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